Safety and Quality

Safety is an integral part of all of the activities undertaken by TruTorque Corporation.

The management of the company is committed to promoting the highest level of safety awareness amongst its employees and subcontractors. Our goal is to ensure that the activities we perform to deliver services and products meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

At TruTorque, we believe that all injuries and accidents are preventable. An injury and accident-free workplace is our goal, and this goal is achieved by ensuring that all employees and subcontractors follow the company’s safety guidelines. In addition, company management is dedicated to continuously improve management of the safety risks associated with our operations.

The quality standards used by TruTorque in the manufacture of our helical products are among the highest in the industry. It is the strict policy of TruTorque to:
  • Operate in a safe, consistent and cost-effective manner at all times.

  • Prevent nonconformities at all stages of procurement, manufacturing and installation.

  • Provide materials, products and services that comply with industry codes, product specifications and customer-specified requirements.

  • Maintain continuous contact with customers and vendors to ensure that perceived expectations are well understood and meet specified requirements.

  • Maintain customer satisfaction and product and service quality at all times.

TruTorque Corporation is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Corporation. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification exemplifies TruTorque Corporation’s commitment to continuous improvement and providing our Clients with the highest quality products and services.